that hand that retards know
look at that retard with a happy hand
by lilswisshomie June 11, 2011
Top Definition
adj. a male's hands used to caress a female's body, usually around the chest area.

v. To put hands up someone's shirt and massage their breasts
I put my happy hands up Jenny's shirt, and she moaned with pleasure.
by Yellow-Fire December 09, 2002
When a girl secretively jacks off a a guy under a blanket while sitting next to her mom.
Kasey did the happy hands with Ben, but her mom figured it out and has been giving him dirty looks for days.
by Anon Strainjer March 28, 2011
that hand that retards know
look at the retard with that happy hand
by woeiutgahsldg June 15, 2011
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