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1.What everyone wants and aims to be, without realizing or not.
2.A feeling of contentment that is often temporary.
1.When father walked her down the aisle & she saw her love, she was pretty damn happy!

2.Aaron thought he was happy with Alison, until he found out she missed the pill, got pregnant, and gave him crabs.
by heyhihello January 16, 2007
7 11
happy means
1)favored by luck or fortune
2)notably fitting, effective, or well adapted
3)enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment
4)expressing or suggestive of happiness
5)having or marked by an atmosphere of good fellowship
those r the meanings of happy
now these r the better meanings of happy
happy= 4 guys= boner
girls= iono
this guy felt very happy after ma cuzin flashed him :)
by MOItttcrulesMOI July 17, 2004
68 72
the feeling of bliss that always seems it will last forever when in reality it will be broken as soon as the circumstance changes ever so slightly
She was so happy as she and her lover got together for a midnight nookie. Then her father came home early...
by hopeless December 31, 2006
6 12
Secret code word for horny. The feeling induced when one listens to "Play" by David Banner. The feeling of happiness is cured by a quick, vigorous tug on one's lovelength/sticky finger parade, or simply unleashing your happiness on a poor, unsuspecting person.
Anna is very happy today.

Anna will be very happy tomorrow.

by Phil... November 25, 2006
72 80
For men: A boner.

For women: ... Women are never happy.
Woah, man! Check out that chick! She makes me REAL happy, ifyaknowhatImean.
by A dead bible July 24, 2003
22 30

a term of endearment for herpes: any of several inflammatory diseases of the skin, esp herpes simplex, characterized by the formation of small watery blisters
Oh man! what's that on your lip? Happies? You do know that cold sores are a type of herpes?
by cockbeer December 12, 2010
2 11
gay, fuity,he-male, homosexual,akward.. not strait..a guy who act like a woman
man, this kid looks really happy
by N/A/P January 03, 2008
5 14