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Happy S.A.D. is a mirror holiday for Valentines Day. S.A.D. stands for Singles Awareness Day. Occurs February 14th for anyone and everyone without a significant other. Especially annoying when surrounded by people that are giving/receiving gifts (or 'more')from their significant others. Usually brings about bitter feelings in single people when greeted by a couple. !!WARNING!! If observed several years in a row can cause depression and/or emo-ness.
-He had never had a girlfriend, so he celebrated S.A.D. instead of Valentines Day on February 14th.
-She was single, so it was appropriate for her to observe Happy S.A.D.
-Couple:"Oh, hello single person. Happy Singles Awareness Day!" *proceed to make out*
Single Person:"Get a room asshats!" *cries inside due to lack of a lover/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend*
by Single Person... lawl April 01, 2008
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