Possibly one of the stupidest but funniest things known to man. It's right up there with Napoleon Dynamite. It's mostly about a stick figure who walks around yelling things at people. It's written by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, which is written by Jhonen Vasquez.
"I fly like Wilma."
"You deny me freshmaker?!?!"
by Morbid x Curiousity April 20, 2005
Top Definition
A comic drawn by Johnny the Homocidal Maniac (otherwise known as NNY or JTHM for the homeless and insane. Most Noodle Boy comics end with HNB getting shot in the head, or being killed in some other grusome way. The comics tend to be random and often insane, but NNY swears there is some deeper meaning behind them.
"Marvel at my plastic applicator!! Not just any accessory for your sanitary napkins!"
by Neko October 20, 2004
A Stick Figure Drawn by Jhonen C. Vasquez. Examples of HNB's speech: "Peas! Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas. Look! David Hasslehoff can fly!"
Happy Noodle boy (the Noodleiod) is a scary stick figure.
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
A comic drawn by Jhonen Vasquez which features a deranged and babbling stick-figure who shouts random gibberish. Usually gets shot or explodes in the comic.

Examples of ranting is below
farking doughnut!! Mock me? You fried cyclops!!

Accept my heartwarming gift of tree scratchies!!! I absolve thee!!
by chenry August 31, 2004
A stick figure, drawn by Jhonen Vasquez, who goes off in incoherent rants. He usually gets killed, only to come back to life in the next comic. A precursor to South Park's Kenny?
God... what a horrible little stickman.
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
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