A happy emo is one that will dress in emo clothes and hate the small things in life to "seem" emo but really there not. This is not always the case though, because sometims they truely "are" emo. Generally happy emos will talk loud in the hallways or to there friends to be heard and theyll talk to a lot of people to be understood when really no one cares about them. Happy emos generally shop at Hot Topic or Spencers and buy stupid Invader Zim shirts. They also think Shayne Dawson is god. You can tell a happy emo when you come into school because they'll be the group with there guitars, playing hacky sack, or sitting up against the wall listening to screamo. NOTE: Emos are very different from happy emos. Happy Emos "want" o be noticed.
Matt: How do you think your gonna do on the exam- o look its the happy emos listening to Kurt Cobain playing hacky sack..

Aaron: fags..
by The High School Group Creator December 17, 2009
Top Definition
One who dresses like an emo but is enjoyable to be around.
Regular emo: god my life is a spiraling universe of depression
happy emo: god my life is a spiraling universe of depression... ooh a flower
by Gonryun March 12, 2008
In the mid to late nineties the term Emo applied to people who wore lots of colours in there clothing and cute charactor patches or back-packs, often sporting lots of buttons. These people were eceptionally happy and bouncy. The emotion (emo) the was displayed was a super cheery one not the angsty depression of today's Emo. Happy Emo is also refered to as Old-School Emo.
Normal Person: "Hey there Emo girl"
Happy Emo Girl: *Giggle* "oh Hi there." *bouncy head bobble* "Have you seen my new bag with Bert and Ernie? Isn't it Soooooo Cute!" Giggle squeel*
by Pants Macabre March 27, 2007
emo, but not in a dark way
sassy is like a happy emo.
by LL November 17, 2004
A Happy Emo is a girl or guy who dresses, act, stands, listens to scremo music and is an average Emo But is happy and normally bouncy and fun to be with (if your an emo too)
its some times refered to old school emo.
they can me excitable and find little things and get happy!
Like Me
Happy emo girls one: ...Yeah Any Way...-looks at window- Ohh Emm Gee i totally love that top its shooo sweeett!!!

happy emo girl two: oh yeah totally.... Hey Look Its Gary.. Lets Hug Him Much!
-Both Girls Bounce-

happy emo girl one: Yeahhhhhhh -Runs- -hugs- Oh Em Ge Hello!
by Hap-ee Shay. Please January 07, 2008
A person who doesnt wear much black, but listens to screamo and other emo genres. And cuts themselves ONLY when they get depressed. Although they are not always depressed.
Emo: i hate life.
Happy emo: i hate life. hey look a pretty flower.
by kandaflanda April 03, 2009
The rare case scenario where someone is so happy, they slit their wrists.
Mr X: Hahaha that's so fucking funny!
Happy Emo: ahahahahahahahahahahaha (slits wrists)
by CoRBzzLe December 11, 2008
Someone who is a 'Happy Emo' is usually someone who acts happy around their friends but inside they're really depressed,or is really sad when they get back to thier home life.
Happy Emo: *crying*
*At school*
Friend:Hey hows it going
Happy Emo: awsomely awsome why thank you for asking
Friend: *giggles* hey why do your eyes look red
Happy Emo: oh..um I was rubbing my eyes earlier *giggles* why what did you think silly
Friend:umm nothing lets get to class
by xXOrangeIpodXx June 24, 2011
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