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Happily Melancholic is the feeling of being happily content with life but you are secretly sad and lonesome as well. Not really, depressed because you are ok or have come to terms with your feeling of sadness but you're not always sad and depressed.

*Ways to know you're Happily Melancholic*
-Lost A Close Loved One
-Really Good Worker
-Distant (from others)
- Loveable towards people.
- Can't Trust others well.
-Have problems with making close friends.
-If you're really creative or you read a lot.
and so on..
Guy #1: Are you Happily Melancholic (or HM)?
Girl #1: No, why?
Girl #2: Because you listen to Maria Taylor, Dido, Gemma Hayes, and the only japanese music you like is Akino Arai. I told you that the music you like would make people think you're "HM".
Girl #1: Hmm, I guess you're right.
by HappilyMelancholic April 26, 2010
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