A clothing company based in Orlando, Florida, that uses an erect Penis as its logo.
Wow, sweet shirt! Did that come from Happenis?
by CelticsFan69 August 14, 2008
Top Definition
Happenis (pronounced Happiness) is the erection of a penis. Men are typically not held accountable for their actions as this condition usually leads them into relationships that otherwise they would avoid.
“What is happenis? I have a hard on… then yes - this must be love”.
When you have a very happy penis.
“what happened to my penis, it was so happy. Im no longer experiencing happenis."
by Verlaine Stain June 27, 2014
To make a smile shape with one's penis on another's face.
As Justin slept after a solid rogering, Shaun placed his flaccid penis on Justin's mouth and made the shape of a smile. He took a photo of this to show Justin the HapPenis when we awoke.
by Antrobus June 03, 2016
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