Hen yaoi, a.k.a. hen sex.
Hi, I'm a chicken and I'm gonna have sex with this other chicken, although chickens don't have sex. That's called Haoi.
by Commander Weenie March 21, 2011
Top Definition
Highly Active Online Involvement.

Referring to the action of openly stalking others on social media, liking and/or commenting on every post they upload.

Can either be done by constantly following every recent thing a person does, or by going through all of their old posts and telling them about it.

People who do this have been referred to as Facebook-rashes or Instagram-fleas.
A: *updates status on Facebook*
B: *likes status 2 seconds later*
A: Stalker...
B: It's not stalking, it's HAOI..!


X: Nice photo you uploaded, back in 2009!

Y: Dude, do you stalk me?
X: No, I HAOI you.

Y: Creep...
by lrx_stra November 29, 2015

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