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When a poor Jewish family celebrates Hanukkah yet does not have any money to provide gifts for each other. In this instance a selfgift is proclaimed, allowing another member of their immediate family to have consensual heterosexual sexual intercourse with them, thus satisfying the gift requirement. Sometimes father and daughter or brother and sister selfgifts will be given in this instance as long as both gifters are at least adolescent age. In the case that there are pre-adolescents in the family, the father and mother have sexual intercourse in front of their children, thus gifting to them to a show of lovemaking.
My mom and dad lost their jobs due to downsizing and the economy is terrible. This Hanukkah we did not have any money to buy gifts for each other. My sister offered a Hanukkah Poverty Selfgift. It wasn't right but she offered so I screwed her brains out. My parents were understanding of the situation since she didn't have a gift. I will never tell the guys in school about it though.
by The Jax August 05, 2009
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