A big homo. One who is queer, gay, a cock sucker, he is so gay he could suck a mans balls clean off, he is very "faggulous", and is the BIGGEST homo ever.
Human1-You see that rager over there
Human2-Oh no, he's just a Hans
by Not as big of a homo as Hans January 08, 2012
horseman abbr.; a man who rides astride a horse
You can see han on movies
by Andrius March 02, 2008
short for Hans Solo, aka, solo, aka alone.
Doug: Did you go to Ricks last night?
T-Roget: Yeah, but everyone hoe'd so I had to go hans.
Doug: That's complete Anderson, you won't.
T-Roget: Smoke, at least I blacked. SOP.
by Daniel Kraig December 16, 2007
hang a nigga

HAN is a slang term used when one is pissed of at a black person and doesnt want Al Sharpten getting involved because you want to hang someone so you say HAN
kid1: that black kid is always shouting and being ignorant
kid2: i know sometimes i just want to HAN
by lil shit March 23, 2008
a shortened version of "Hating ass nigga"
"What teh fuck that HAN ass want?"
by N8trz November 28, 2005
(n)(In the South) a condescening term used for people who display characteristics of "hicks" and who are usually overconfident and think they have more friends than they actually do.
Ok, "Hans," take that squirrel off of its leash and let it go. Squirrels are not pets, it doesn't like you and neither does anyone else. Oh, and put some shoes on.
by Charlie Ferman September 10, 2007
Stands for 'How About No?', said in reply to a daft question.
"Can I shag your missus?" "HAN"
by D man September 14, 2004

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