A florida term for a Pit Bull warrior.
That Hans is a madman!
by Bawss Hawg July 12, 2006
"Hatin' Ass Nigga" hence the abbreviation HAN
Man stop being a HAN, just cuz you cant be like me
by bmundy October 15, 2010
a hard working person.
Hey Han.

Howdy Han.

What are you doing today Han.
by Irishrock3r December 04, 2009
when u easily convince someone to do something
Joe: Hey want to go to the party?
Mitch: no, i really hav to study
Joe: come on its gunna be a lot of fun.
Mitch: ok ill go
Joe: i just hans'd ya. haha
by ranmaker March 17, 2008
hans (v): to force a dog into the street using mind powers, making it get run over by a car
There was a loud crunch sound when hans was hansed by Sofie.
by Perse April 30, 2006
A well-spoken and ambitious female doctor who is pretty even with her hair pulled into a ponytail and wearing torn scrubs. Men fear her. She is all professional when she needs to be, but like all other Han's, she is over-indulgent with the emoticons on her iphone.
1) You should not text while getting a massage. You're such a Han.

2) You were a Han at that hospital meeting today. The male doctors didn't know to be scared or excited.
by saramelba August 21, 2011
Rhyming slang for the perverse activity of going out on wrong evenings (which can extend for days)on your own when you have a perfectly decent bunch of mates who'll go out with you if you hadn't lied & said you were going home at 7pm. Han flies in the Millenium Falcon & it is normally used to frequent 3 wrong destinations in one evening. Han is also prone to detouring the Falcon to McDonalds to order 23kgs of hamburgers at 6am.
It's lunchtime now, the fucking cunt still isn't here, did he go Han last night? Fucking wrong 'un, bet he did. 3 birds, 2 bottles of vodka & swallowed half a cow. Fucking spastic.
by Han Fucking Solo July 11, 2006

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