A Hans is somebody who is a pothead, pimp, hermit and on the side stripper.

They love little kids to the point of being weird/ creepy/ psychotic. So If you have them HIDE YA KIDS AND HIDE YA WIVES. because a hans will steal them too. They like calling people mean names.
Girls: You're being such a hans tonight. Get up and actually do something with yourself.
by Henry Mole January 07, 2015
"Hatin' Ass Nigga" hence the abbreviation HAN
Man stop being a HAN, just cuz you cant be like me
by bmundy October 15, 2010
when u easily convince someone to do something
Joe: Hey want to go to the party?
Mitch: no, i really hav to study
Joe: come on its gunna be a lot of fun.
Mitch: ok ill go
Joe: i just hans'd ya. haha
by ranmaker March 17, 2008
A well-spoken and ambitious female doctor who is pretty even with her hair pulled into a ponytail and wearing torn scrubs. Men fear her. She is all professional when she needs to be, but like all other Han's, she is over-indulgent with the emoticons on her iphone.
1) You should not text while getting a massage. You're such a Han.

2) You were a Han at that hospital meeting today. The male doctors didn't know to be scared or excited.
by saramelba August 21, 2011
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