When a girl wraps her hand around a mans penis and proceeds to rub until he ejaculates. A hand job.
Gavin: Robert, I heard Jordan gave you a hanny!
Robert: Yeah dude, I nutted on her chest.
by Goatx666 March 10, 2007
Top Definition
A very handsome and charming Arabic man. He is active, funny, and entertaining. The name Hanny in Arabic means Happiness. It can also be spelled as Hani or Hanni
We need Hanny to entertain us!
by Hannyofcuurse November 19, 2012
Taking a very long time going number 2 in the bathroom. Can also refer to filling the bathroom with bad smells.
He’s pulling a Hanny.

Other tenses:
I just Hannyized the bathroom.
There is some serious Hannyizing going on in there.

Please use some Hannytizer
by TheWootWoot July 08, 2009

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