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A being that is commonly refered to as stupid. When called stupid, it will respond. It is commonly seen as a little nerd that yells and carries a fanny pack. It has a very weird and descusting face. Some might mistake it for a gorilla but it's just a hannie Fannie. This creature is also quite often seen doing some crazy thing and then laughing uncontrolably. No one really cares for this thing. It's just kinda there. But some have found a useful quality for hannie Fannie. They hang her picture in their cars and people don't break into them because they are afraid of the wrath and annoyance that will come upon them.
Haleys mom descided to trade their chicken for a little sister but instead they recieved a hannie Fannie. They wanted so dearly to return the stupid thing but no one would take it... So Haley had to live with stupid as her little sister. She tried so dearly to get rid of her but she just wouldn't die so she gave up and tried to make her normal. In her desparate attempts hannie Fannie did some pretty hannie Fannie things. One time she attempted to pour candle wax in a cup so she could pour it on her feet later like a stupid. Well hannie Fannie dropped the candle, broke the cup, and the hot wax spilled all over the table and floor. Like an idiot she just stared at it and didn't do anything. The wax dried and stuck the candle to the table. The wax couldnt come off. Someone had to come in and rip the candle odd the table. Hannie Fannie scraped the table and floor until clean. Obviously this stupid idiot just laughed about it because things like this happen all the time.

"omg did you see that hannie Fannie?".

"no... Ohh wait are you talking about the retard gorilla that laughs?"
"yeah but it's not a gorilla. It's a hannie Fannie"

"that thing that keeps running into the wall?"

"yep just like a hannie Fannie"
by now who's jellin'? February 17, 2010

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