Pronounced 'Hann-us'

1. Hannes (Verb) - To rapidly and efficiently consume large amounts of spirits over an extended period of time in keeping with Scandinavian tradition.

2. Hannes (Noun) - A man who can Hannes consistently for days at a time without suffering from fatigue or death, often has military and medical training to help with endurance. Such a man is impossible to kill with chemical or biochemical weapons of any kind.
Person A: "He arrived at my house and managed to Hannes for the whole weekend!"

Person B: "Impressive... so we're out of scotch?"
by Can you really wield a Bear? April 23, 2012
Top Definition
An incredibly intelligent person. Often fair skin and hair. One of the most loyal and trusting partners one could hope to meet.
He met a Hanne at the park the other day, he better not lose her!
by AwesomeSuaceBen January 22, 2012
A man with freaky looking nipples and looks like he's a gangster that belongs in the ghetto.
Yo check that Hannes's tattoos and that freaky nipples yo! He got me scared!
by USking January 01, 2013
Hannes (verb) meaning:
1. Anal leakage.

2. A huge bowel movement stuck in your unus.
3. When laughing with diarrhea and you accidentally shit yourself.
4. Uncontrollably farting or having an urgency to have a shit when shocked, stressed or caught cheating.

Hannes a name for a male usually derived from Johannes. Usually a homosexual blue/green eyed sweaty bald guy.

The name of a guy with big hips and nipples like a women. The personification of player. A hannes is most likely always cheating, lying or hiding something.

A pathetic shit stain on the underwear of society. A psychopath, molester and sex addict that loves porn.
Guy1: Do you smell that? What is it.. Is that... Dude did you just hannes!??
Guy2: I'm sorry, but my girlfriend just texted me that she knows you and me got it on last night.

Dude1: Last night I caught Hannes boinking his own cousin
Dude2: That is so sick dude!
by CoolUSAdude May 22, 2013
A beautiful girl who you can rely on she will always be there for you never lies very sensetive always gets men but if shes in a relationship she'll reject them without giving time to think. She's the most beautyful girl/woman in the world.
Hanne is always there for me and i love her
by hanneLover790 March 13, 2016
A very handsome and super intelligent person, They are one of the most loyal persons but allso the most mysterious. They are often strong and handsome.
he feels so... Hannes
by the sparkles can April 30, 2016
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