The girl who single-handedly ruined Disney for those of us who grew up watching The Lion King and Aladdin and pretty much everyone over the age of 13.
16 year old watching current Disney Channel: Man, remember when Disney was actually good?
Other 16 year old: Yeah....What is happening to the world
16 year old's 12 year old sister: OMG what r u guys talking about? Hannah Montanas great and the jonas brothers are so hawt!
16 year old: You cast the dark stole of dishonor upon our family. I disown you as a sibling. Never address me in public again.
by irritated with tweens April 09, 2009
Slang for cocaine. Initially used in Atlanta. Made popular in the rap song called "Hannah Montana."
"Got bricks in the Audi, the Hannah Montana." - Migos
by Chiller889 July 02, 2013
A show that shouldn't even be watched by blind and deaf people.

She sounds like a 40 year old smoker and has horrible teeth. But please forgive her Disney cant pay her enough for voice lessons. Oh wait yes they can!
Dentist: I see we scheduled and appointment for .... Hannah montana?

Nurse: Oh not anymore she canceled.... again. Something about embracing her inner beaver teeth?
by Lalalalalallalalalalauren November 28, 2008
the girl who wears wigs,sorta looks like a hooker,claims to live in "two worlds"
"you know hannah montana rite?"
"yeh the hooker"
by loser4life October 14, 2008
a terrible, unfunny, lameass, suck show on Disney Channel that is about a 16 year old whore who can't sing or act and has the worst fake accent ever. She puts on a wig and everyone become retarded and can't reconize its the same 16 year old whore who can't sing or act and has the worst fake accent ever that is in their high school. She is accompanied by her totally retarded brother who I hate, and her idiot father who wrote a one hit wonder that isn't even good. The only good person on the show is the hot friend Lily.
Hannah Montana is really the Devil.
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
1. A huge, horrible shit that fights on the way out. Usaully comes out sideways.

2. A crappy, crappy television show that's the star of Disney Channel. It will melt your brain and make your eardrums burst. May also cause suicide.

3. An equally crappy singer with a fake accent and a really manly voice. Probably commits incest with her father. Seriously one of the biggest harpies on Earth today. She also brainwashes children and eats puppies for breaksfast. Known as the Walmart child.
1. Him: Owwww, holy crap that was a big shit I just took! My ass hurts so bad!
Me: Yep, you just had a Hannah Montana.

2. Him: Wtf is this shit? What's up with all the fake laughter???"
Me: Oh, look, Hannah Montana's on! Cover your eyes!

3. A Hannah Montana song: Oooooo, yeah!!! Yeah yeah yeah! Rock on! oooooo!
Me; *commits suicide*.

by baseballbats2021 March 10, 2009
The worst show in the history of TV. A series about a snobby teen with a terrible accent that ceaselessly kicks your ass which comes out even worse when she sings. her songs make people puke. To say the least, Hannah Montana sucks.
Hannah Montana is a fucking loser
by wolverinerocks July 15, 2009
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