a girl who leads a life of regular to pop star.
1) she acts like shes poor. cant afford stuff. thats ridiculous, shes HANNAH MONTANA *applaudes* she can afford ANYTHING.
2) the laugh thing. used TOO MUCH
3) if lilly and whatshisname REALLY were her bffl they could tell she was hannah montana.anyone with eye sight could recognize their friend in a bad wig.
4) she got the show cuz of her country mullet starred daddy
5) spoiled drama queen
6) singing.....AHHHHHH
7) sings about HER, tlks about HER, concerned about HERSELF.
8) song lyrics are awful!
Cisney Channel trys to turn ALL their actresses into singers!! whats with that??? *cough hilary duff *throws up* raven. gross...no. not workin. oh not to mention ashley the slut tisdale. and uhm emily osmet???? what were they THINKING????
*CAUTION* hannah montana
may cause

which are all a trip to the park compared to listening to hannah/miley belt out "yoouuu got the beeessstttt of bootthh worrrllddsss"
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 13, 2008
Your average disney show about a horsefaced little girl trying to overcome multiple personality syndrome.

Apparently a blonde costume wig can fool all of America, who knew. Yeah, the acting is terrible, but what do you expect from a kid's show. This girl isn't very pretty, and her voice slightly reminds everyone of their drunk uncle's.

But here's something even weirder. "Hannah Montana" was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. Then she joined the show as Hannah Montana, and Miley Ray Stewart. So this little girl changes her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. That's just weird, I'm even confused.

Does anyone else actually become their television character?

Another thing, she's a terrible role model. While at first she was sweet and corny, now she has gotten about 5-10 racy pictures leaked. I don't mean Vanity Fair, I mean Wet-White-T-Shirt-That's-All-In-The-Shower-Sent-To-Nick-Jonas.

There were obviously many little girl who would have done a much better job, but based on her father's one hit country wonder, our fake accent hit came to be.

god, help us.
Hannah Montana is slowly taking over the world with her nonsense lyrics and strange mental defects.
by kitteeeeen. September 07, 2008
A horrible Disney Channel show.

From Wikipedia(Since I'm too lazy to define it myself):

Miley Stewart is a regular teenage girl leading a normal life with the problems of zits, boyfriends, friends, parents, etc. But under the alias Hannah Montana she's a pop superstar singing sensation. Only her two best friends, Oliver and Lilly, her brother, and her dad/Manager/Producer know about her double life as a singer and she tries to keep it that way.

So in other words, it's your generic, bad acting, and in this most unfortunate event, bad SINGING Disney-Fucking-Channel show. They call this show Hannah Montana.

Don't ever watch it, or you will have to be prepared to rip your eyes and ears off. Or change the channel.

Her songs feature typical pop-style music, about her mostly singing about herself, and how she's "not your average girl".

Oh, she also has a horrible accent. Be prepared to rip your ears off.
Random Hannah Montana Lyrics:

"You go the movie premieres (is that Orlando Bloom?)
Hear your songs on the radio
Livin' two lives is a little weird
But schools cool cuz nobody knows"

"I can be glam-or-ous
Just like you see in all the magazines"
by Chocolate OVERLOAD July 20, 2006
One of the lame overrated tv shows on Disney Channel.It's actually a bad tv show for 5 year old girls.Hannah Montana have a very bad plot.Miley Cyrus a very bad actress can't sing worth crap.The show as a whole is very crappy.The humor is very cheesy,they can't act,all of the actorsshould be going to Special Ed school.
older brother:Hannah Montana is funny.
me:It's overrated because the jokes are cheesy,singing absolutely sucks.
by Crazy Irvin January 19, 2008
miley cyrus's twin. their father, billy ray cyrus, had twins and since he did't want to have to pay for two different kids, he forced them to pretend to be the same person. they now have a disney channel show in which hannah screeches on and on about how she wants to do the right thing. in other words, a really, really stupid tv show.
Hannah Montana: "I'm Hannah Montana!!!"
Miley Cyrus: "No you're not! I am!"
Billy Ray Cyrus: "You're both Hannah Montana! Now lets make a show on TV about it!"
Hannah and Miley: "Yay!!!"
by emu_is_like_a_llama February 08, 2008
The new image of the avril lavigne poser
hannah montana fan: Lyke 0mGzz Hav3 cHu s33N HaNN@ah's nU Vid3o?

non-hannah fan: if you're talking about the one where's she dressed like a wannabe poser and finally got rid of her weave then yeah I've seen it

hannah montana fan: O: waT3v3r iMM@ buY H3r cD
by pink_is_metal January 04, 2008
As a 12 year old many would expect I would like this show. But it's a bit mindless. When she puts on a wig, she's suddenly a pop star?? The acting isn't so fresh either. True, the show is for children, but we could be watching better shows. Like..Naked Brothers Band? Hey, at least THEY can sing, and the show has a purpose/message.
Hannah Montana has a weird and twangy voice, not that southern accents are bad but hers is just...annoying.
by K_rachel_O October 27, 2007

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