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A no talent, over-rated, product of Disney, WASTE OF SPACE with a retarded name.
Retarded 12 year old: HOMGWTFBBQ I got tickets to HANNAH MONTANA.

Random Person on Street: Shut the fuck up. -shoots her-
by George Le November 17, 2007
justin bieber in a blonde wig.
dude, did hannah montana's voice just crack?
by CO23 June 03, 2010
one of the most annoying shows of all time. the plot is unbelievable: c'mon a girl is a student at day and puts on a whig and ta da she is a popstar? miley cyrus couldnt sing or act to save her life. she got the job cause her dad is some famous country singer. the show has some crappy jokes and suckass acting. if i see that guy who plays her brother i will strangle his ass. this show gives people in the country bad names. if you are guy and like this show, you must be a little fruity.
girl 1: wanna watch that totally cool show hannah montana?
girl 2: id rather go to the zoo and watch gorillas sing, at least they can carry a tune
by SdCharers11 January 13, 2008
I stuck up brat that sings about her fame and brags. She is a stupid ugly skank with an ugly smile and a stupid wig. She couldn't sing to save her life! But what's worse is her acting! Anyone can be 5 times better than that! All she thinks is "I'm just to good for all of you!. Again, her songs are about her bragging about how famous she is.
Hannah Montana: Yeah, I'm like so better than you cuz I'm FAMOUS!! YAH! I'm better than ALL YOU! But I suck at everything so YAH!
by swimchick April 07, 2007
A disney tv show name that sounds like a sex position.
Last night my girlfriend did the Hannah Montana! It was so hot! - David
by Davi-Wavi January 08, 2008
A tween celebrity who looks like a monkey with make-up
Big Sister: oh god. what are you talking about? she looks like a monkey with make-up.
by Malish February 16, 2008
A terrible show on Disney Channel featuring some ugly "nobody" girl who sings horribly and talks with a spitty tennessee accent. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH.

I watched hannah montana once and was traumatized after hearing her songs.
by Depriisha August 20, 2006