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take a look at the hannah bashing comments u see all the thumbs up? and the small amount of thumbs down
the worst thing that ever happened to the world im 13 and she is not fit hot or sexy she is at most a 4 out of 10 and her singing is terrible i can act way better the nher but my dad wont buy me a tv show and if he did i wouldnt act in a show like that
Hannah montana: hey im awesome do u have anymore cokaine lyke i need to get hy cos my daddy will rape me teehee

Drug dealler: only if u suck me of that give me a handjob then give me a rimjob and do that once a week for a year

hannah montana: ok then
by devss July 06, 2009
noun- a crack addicted slut who pretends she loves her family when really, she just wants to send snipers after them
i hate that hannah montana for stealing someone elses boyfriend AGAIN
by MS HL January 31, 2009
A beautiful, talented singer/songwriter/actress/dancer/horseback rider/juggler/swimmer/rodeo star/performer with a cute Tennessee accent and a great style. She lives a double life of being a regular (but hella smart) school girl by day, and a pop sensation by night. Most of her friends at school know her secret, but if the whole school were to find out, she would never get a break! This pop star has made a great impact on the music industry and nothing would be the same without her. PRAISE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR HANNAH MONTANA
Peasant: "Hannah Montana is so dead now"
by nothannahmontana February 01, 2014
Hannah Montana sucks! Everyone knows that. She sucks. She has no talent.
The Daily Poll
100 percent hates Hannah Montana
0 percent loves Hannh Montana
O percent hasn't made up their mind
by spottedstar1123 June 14, 2010
When you switch between fucking a chick in her vagina and asshole. In other words getting 'the best of both worlds'
Guy1: Dude that chick last night wanted it in the ass.

Guy2: Awesome man.

Guy1: Yeah I totally ended up doing her Hannah Montana style.
by dlt17 October 26, 2009
1. Slang for a virgin twat.

2. A young, bubbly, innocent girl who is friends with major league skanks who in turn use her to trick their parents so they don't know that a 'sleepover at Lauren's' is code for a crack binge.

1. Whoa! Danny just ripped open that girl's Hannah Montana!

2. Oh my God, DO NOT invite Lauren to our dick sucking party, she is SUCH a Hannah Montana.
by Betterlookingthanu! March 08, 2009
Awesome strain of marijuana originating from Montana (home grown legally, of course).
That was some awesome bud, man!
Yea, this hannah montana is some awesome shit!
by stratacat April 22, 2010