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Hannah Palm and her sisters, (term), using your hand and all your fingers and thumb to masturbate. Suburban speak in San Jose in the 1980s and may still be used. Although at the time the joke was a play on the Woody Allen film, Hannah and her Sisters. The actual act can only be achieved if your meat is pretty large, at least 6.5 inches.

Sometimes 'Handy Palma' or 'Hannah Pamela' also.
Hank: You knopw what, Bill, I think Jack never gets none.

Bill: Yeah, he just had a date with Hannah Palm and her sisters.

Hank: Hah! At freaking Golfland in the restroom. Ha!
#hannah palm and her sisters #masturbation #full hand #jacking off #big dick #woody allien #handy palma #hannah and pamela
by handygirlboy33 June 18, 2011
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