A role that was FIRST offered to Jojo but she declined it because she wasn't looking to entertain the 8-year-old-giddy-girl audience. Although she would've made a fortune and smarter decisions than that idiotic Miley, I still think that Jojo is awesome.
Child: I like Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana! They're both one person! She's so sneakeh!! :O
by Dunosaurus August 09, 2008
Teen megastar from the boonies (and daughter of Billy Ray 'achy breaky heart' Cyrus) who got hired by Disney to lip-sync crappy songs. Gets paid billions of dollars for doing nothing. Likes to take off her top on her MySpace page.
Hannah Montana can march her white trash ass right back to where she came from...
by dj mbm July 16, 2008
A dumb bitch that amazingly doesn't have AIDS.
Hannah Montana: put my haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands up they playing my song...

me: shut up, ass clown.
by imma be a rapper 59q671==16890 March 07, 2010
Drunk Southerner who loves to sing about how special and awesome she is and is the secret behind the atomic bomb.
Cop 1:What the hell happened to him? Cop 2 :Probally first degree burns followed by chainsaw to the face.But that doesnt explain the ears being disfigured. Detective: I think he was forced to look at a picture of Hannah Montana while listening to her sing. Cop 1 :Oh God
by angrycheddar December 30, 2009
one's right hand when used for masturbation
"dude, who'd you bang last night?"
"Hannah Montana"
"tough. you really need to get a girlfriend."
"i know"
by deadnotsleeping May 10, 2010
A Disney childrens TV show about a typical American girl at a school filled with blind idiots who can't tell that she is some famous star just because her hair is different. Main character played by boring and talentless Miley Cyrus who only gets her million dollar jobs because her daddy is famous.
Ryan: zomg, everyone in Hannah Montana is obviously blind or mentally retarded!
Caitlin: too true, too true, i mean really, i totally want to go on that show and punch her in the face and rip off her stupid blonde wig!
by ohyes. WIN. February 21, 2010
a tv show and alter ego of a teenage disney star.
you will find that most people on the internet over age 12 hate her with a burning passion, probably passion they should be using to plot against the dictators of the world.
i say on the internet, because you will also find that people who are not - cynical, "intelligent", know all about "real music" and think they are "totally awesome" for hating a 16 year old they have never and will never meet - actually dont think about hannah montana. these normal people are indifferent to her, they think of her just as another celebrity.

hating hannah montana has become an incredibly pointless trend. which i laugh at.
to prove my example below, you will also find that this definition will have a huge number of thumbs down.
all the lame people who think they are being really witty:
" omg hannah montana is a lame slut who should die i want to kill her she cant sing and i have such great taste in music, now let me go on to name about a hundred bands i have picked off "greatest" lists so i sound cool. "

person with a life: "oh, hannah montana right? haha my little sister watches that show. she made me watch the movie with her. it was okay. "
by woaah09 August 04, 2009

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