1) The Alias of the Singing Prostitute Miley Cyrus. She is still called the "Greatest Role Model For Kids" when she puts tons of slutty pics of herself all over the internet, sings like she's being raped, and making her heroes famous prostitutes. Oh yeah, she's perfect.

Being a singer for Disney, she will most certainly end up doing drugs, getting pregnant, and acting like the hooker she is and will sleep with men for cash (unlikely, seeing as even the most desperate man won't tap that) and will be a swiftly forgotten as Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff, all before age 20. Deja Vu...

Having no talent to speak of, she rips of song ideas from those around her, lip-syncs, and goes on and on about how much she loves her fans even though she hates the fact that her fanbase is a bunch of 7-year-old girls. But this is common of bitchy teenage celebrities.

2) A Disney Show secretly exploits her complete idiocy, such has hiding the fact he's famous (WtF?), making plans that obviously backfire, being a bitch to her fans and friends, and sings constantly about how her life is much better than ours, while at the same time she's nearly exposing her identity with the bull she calls "songs".

Disney, having acquired some common sense, is now ending the series as it should have done several years ago, confirming the prediction stated earlier.
1) P1: Oh my God, don't you love Hannah Montana? She's so great a role model that I'm teaching my kids to be just like her.

P2: Oh, me too, I'm totally gonna teach my kids to fuck off their friends, put naked pics of themselves online, sing terribly, and date guys more stupid than they are!

Now seriously, how much did she pay you to say that?


P2: I can tell, cuz you're just as stupid and slutty as they are. Do us all a favor and watch something else that a flat chested teen lip-syncing off someone else.
by CommonSense123 April 14, 2010
The stupidest fake- ID idea there ever was. fucking bitch who needs to go learn to sing.

Wears a blond wig that looks like your mom's chest hair.
Wears stupid clothes and sing songs about ice cream.
1. Do the ice cream freeze, strike your pose, now you do the milk shake, shake it shake it down low. (EW)

2. Hannah montana is a Fucker
by HandHugsFTW October 30, 2009
A role that was FIRST offered to Jojo but she declined it because she wasn't looking to entertain the 8-year-old-giddy-girl audience. Although she would've made a fortune and smarter decisions than that idiotic Miley, I still think that Jojo is awesome.
Child: I like Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana! They're both one person! She's so sneakeh!! :O
by Dunosaurus August 09, 2008
Just another disney channel crack addict that believes to be the best of both worlds when actually she is imagining all of this while sitting in a dumpster doing meth and sucking Billy Ray's 2-inch dick.
Some guys walking down the street...
Steve: "Hey check that slut over there what the fuck?"
Jimmy: "Yo thats Hannah Montana"
Steve: "Poor fuck, disney might as well cancel that shitty show"
Jimmy: "Yep it sucks granny tranny ass"
Steve: "Oh well, wanna play Halo?"
Jimmy: "Sure!"
by TadGaming October 27, 2012
Any sexual act involving a bow-legged girl with an over-bite, whilst riding a horse.
Dood I totally Hannah Montana'd this one girl I knew.

I'd really like to Hannah Montana her.

The Hannah Montana is the new Tony Danza bro!
by Pacman92 February 25, 2010
Drunk Southerner who loves to sing about how special and awesome she is and is the secret behind the atomic bomb.
Cop 1:What the hell happened to him? Cop 2 :Probally first degree burns followed by chainsaw to the face.But that doesnt explain the ears being disfigured. Detective: I think he was forced to look at a picture of Hannah Montana while listening to her sing. Cop 1 :Oh God
by angrycheddar December 30, 2009
The reason terrorists hate America.
"Hey, let's jack this plane and ram it into the World Trade Center 'cause Hannah Montana might be there"
by Colonoscopy Colin September 23, 2009

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