Awesome strain of marijuana originating from Montana (home grown legally, of course).
That was some awesome bud, man!
Yea, this hannah montana is some awesome shit!
by stratacat April 22, 2010
1 The name of a popular comedy airing on Disney Channel, Disney Channel HD, ABC (which is owned by Disney), and ABC HD about a girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus), who generally acts as a normal 13 to 15 year old (depending on the episode) and secretly becomes a popular singer of the pseudonym Hannah Montana in concerts and special events. Miley's father, brother, best friends, and a select few other people know that Miley is Hannah Montana. The show has recieved good ratings since its inception and is popular among young, pre-teen, and teenage girls. It's currently airing its second season, and has been renewed for a third season, probably its last. It stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus as Robbie Ray Stewart (Miley's father), Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart (Miley's brother), Emily Osment as Lily Truscott (Miley's best friend), Mitchell Musso as Oliver Oken (Miley and Lily's friend), and Moises Aries as Rico (young employer of Jackson) (last name unknown).

2 The alter-ego of Miley Stewart in the show, Hannah Montana, as well as the alter-ego of Miley Cyrus in real-world concerts. While the pseudonym originally recieved fame in the show, Disney also produces special concerts and events in real-life featuring Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. The most wide-spread of these circumstances was the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, from October 18th, 2007, to January 31st, 2008, though it was extended from its originally scheduled end date of January 9th.
"Have you been to any of the concerts from the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour?"

"No, but the concert is being aired on Disney Channel during Summer 2008. I might watch it."
by Daniel Ganz July 10, 2008
To get the best of both worlds, applicable to any situation.
"I pulled a Hannah Montana this morning for breakfast, a bagel from Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks coffee."

"So I totally impressed my girlfriend's family during dinner. Right after that I hit up that party and got SO wasted..."
"Nice Hannah Montana, man."
by Ona Boat February 28, 2010
Delicious, delicious jailbait.
o lawd is dat sum hannah montana CP?
by notpedobear March 02, 2008
The person who most people like miley cyrus better;beeeeeeeeeeep.
Demi:"who do you like better Miley or Hannah?"
Selena:"i dont like,i love Miley better you?"
Demi:"well...i am going out with miley i love her too!im not sure about hannah montana"
by sk8erbrd February 28, 2009
She sings good. Youre allll jealous. i luvs the show!
yeaaaahh you know! hannah montana your jealous.
by auje November 14, 2010
A Disney Channel Original Series (DCOS) starring Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart and her dad (Billy Ray Cyrus)who plays Robbie Ray Stewart. Miley stars as the main character, a middle school girl who has the secret life as a pop star known to the world as Hannah Montana. Her friends, Lilly: an excentric blond (played by Emily Osment) and Oliver: a Hannah obsessed boy (played by Mitchell Musso) are the only people in school who know her secret, other then her dad and her older brother Jackson (Jason Earles)!
Hannah Montana is Music's Biggest Star but its her school's Biggest Secret!
by Jackson Maxson November 11, 2006

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