Hanna....a beautiful girl who has the most kind personality. She is Blonde and has green eyes. Her green eyes always turn a gorgeous light green when she cries. Hanna has struggled with her weight for her whole life, she is just now getting it under control. Hanna loves the idea of being in love. She dreams about kissing the boy that she crushes on. This boys name usually starts with a 'L'. Hanna Hates being alone but seems to be alone all the time. She has many friend but doesn't understand how many people care for her. Hanna usually plays volleyball. Power position because she is very tall. She is a raging jealous type and holds many grudges. She enjoys hanging around boys more than girls because they don't start drama. Hanna is a beautiful girl but has the bad habit of comparing herself to her EXTREMELY skinny best friend. Hanna, if you are reading this....never loose hope. You are beautiful and just because your not a size 0 doesn't mean that you aren't perfect. You have a heart the size of a walrus.
Lane- Hanna, we have been friends for a long time. I've always wanted to tell you this. I'm in love with you. I think it's the way that you don't care about how other people see you. You aren't constentally counting your calories. How I can be having a horrible day, and I hear your laugh and my whole world is turned upside down. Hanna, will you take this promise ring? Make a promise to me that one day you and I will get married and have beautiful children. Promise me that this love will be here forever?

Hanna- I will, on one condition. You have to promise me that i am your one and only love. Forever and always?

Lane- forever and always baby!
by LOVEYOURSELF October 08, 2012
Hannas are amazing and beautiful. Hannas are incredibly awesome and radiant. Hannas are very loving, caring, funny and strange. Hannas tend to like turtles and potatoes. Anyone who hates on a Hanna is automatically and dickheaded asshole
Girl 1&2: Did you see Hanna go by?
Girl 3: Yeah, isn't she ugly
Girl 1: *looks at girl 3* No she isn't, she's fucking awesome.
Girl 2: Bitch bye *hits Girl 3 and walks away*
by DORY'S HOEEEEE March 30, 2014
place. Pretty village hidden amongst the gravel tailings that scar much of west central Alberta. Home to the Fighting Muskrats Senior hockey team and a plethora of Craft Shoppes, Hanna seeks to maintain an 18th century look to its streets and parks with a laissez-faire attitude to upkeep. The high school band won third place in a regional march-off in 1982 but no other musical talent has emerged from this vibrant arcane fenestration in the Canadian tapestry.

Have any famous bands come out of Hanna?

Of course! The Hanna Bulls Marchers did us proud back in 1982.
by gnostic 1 May 05, 2013
most amazing person you will ever meet
the most gorgeous person people will mistaken her for a goddess. although she is stunning somtimes she is alittle ... dumb. some people have given her the nick nameboobless blond or heartless hanna. she tries to bribe people into stuff but shes bad at it so it deosent usualy work.... she thinks she can black mail people but as you can tell .... shes not exactly smart. she lives in her head .... thinking she will marry justin drew bieber. has also forgot whatta synonyms is. her emotions are not very well contained.

thinks she funny....
omg whatta hanna
by bart the fart in a cart July 07, 2011

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