Definitely unique and one of a kind. She's beautiful, usually with large dark eyes and thick lashes which make her look alluring and secretive. Thick dark hair and long legs. A cute pert little nose which can be sometimes mistaken for a 'snob nose' and yet she's one of the most down to earth girls you will ever meet. She's usually reserved around strangers and new people which makes others think she's aloof but in reality she's just a little shy. You must scale her walls to get to know her and once you do you'll find that she is crazy and a lot of fun. Very sophisticated and well spoken. With gorgeous curves she's a coy flirt who will draw you in and leave you wanting to know more about her. No one messes around with a Hanna otherwise they'll get it back ten times worse. Hopeless romantic and wants to travel the world one day. She has a sexy imagination and is a perfect lover. She dreams of finding her one true love one day. She laughs alot to cover her pain. Doesn't trust easily and she'll always be there for you if she's your friend. She won't let you down, she truly is one of a kind!
Person 1 : I love my best friend Hanna
Person 2 : Your'e very lucky to have her!
Person 1 : Yes, I know
by DitzyGirl09 September 30, 2012
Grace. Of Hebrew origin; referring to gracious and beautiful women. Tend to dazzle men with their beautiful looks and gracious personalities. People with such name are usually loving, well-liked and humble. They also tend to be great caretakers and serious wife-material.
Wow, did you see that girl? She's so Hanna
by xxhehsgeah March 23, 2013
A bright person with an outgoing personality. Loves making new friends. Hanna's usually have brown hair and brown eyes. They hate it when people spell they're name with an "H" at the end. They will make you smile every time you see them. Don't let her go because you will regret it so much in the future.
Girl 1: Oh do I wish I was Hanna
Girl 2: I know right!
Girl 3: Im so jealous!!!
by Alaskan Shrimp January 23, 2013
Hanna is a beautiful and drop dead gorgeous girl that every guy wants to have!! She is very sexy and can make you smile when you're feeling down!! She is a very smart and beautiful girl! With her beautiful long hair and sparkling eyes! Every guy sure wants to fuck her!! She is popular and every girl wants to be her! She is funny and crazy!!

She is always there for her friends and she can be an angel at times and turn into a ninja when you mess with her!! She is fun to be around and can make ever guy fall in love with her in just a snap of a finger! Hanna is perfection
Guy 1: dude Hanna's coming
Guy 2: act cool!!!
Guy 1 and 2: hey Hanna wanna come to my bed?
Hanna: bye losers
by Steven Robertson March 03, 2013
The sexiest skinny blonde bitch ever created by the hands of God, for the purpose of just being able to stare at her. Often desired by many guys, she is at the top of even girls' to-do lists. Likes to run, is very active, and is amazing in bed. Her angel-like features will send you into a coma if you look too long, and her luscious lips are sinful if touched. Loves classic rock and giving blowjobs.
Jimmy: "Holy shit bro, what is that gorgeous creation of God?!"

Billy: "Oh, that's Hanna, isn't she pretty fucking amazing?"
by whoisthatchick? July 13, 2011
1) A fucked up town.
2) A beautiful girl who is normally very intelligent and is musical. Hannas are also kind people who don't tend to bitch a lot.
John: Wow, look at that girl!
Tom: Yeah, I know, she's such a Hanna!
by oneflower February 24, 2012
Normaly a girl with blonde hair. Slighty tall and loved by all men. She is normaly the hot girl that can wear anything. Most of the time the guy she is dating is tall and some one she loves with all of her heart. Her "man" makes his friends jealous when he talks about her so they try to break them up. She is verrrryyy good at giving blow jobs and riding your dick perfectly. She loves to swallow. She is so cool with absolutly everything you will love her even more.
Paul- Did you see who Kyle is going out with?
Jimmy- Yeah, Hanna. She is the best around here, shes got it all.
by BethanyElizabeth August 28, 2011

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