One who is unknowing of her value. A very *special* girl who understands the nature of cheesiness, likes ham, and would never put her boyfriend in a cage if he were ever her owl. Owns a unique set of changing eyes, usually a beautiful, aquaric blue-gray. Like a pair of dark opals but with the value of a jade. Has the spirit of an angelfish and has similar character traits of the birthstone "Aquamarine" which has a sacred relationship with the November birthstone "Topaz". Has the best laugh ever heard, especially when heard from her own pocket. A cute and sweet smile to match a sweet and cute face, best to be seen when that very same face starts to blush a shade of red that cannot be considered pink. Will make a wonderful pianist, but an even more wonderful girlfriend. Anyone who knows a Hanna should consider themselves lucky........I should know, Hanna cured my blindness.
I wish to meet Hanna in my next life.
by Me, with the eyes :P March 26, 2011
A good looking girl who knows to much for her own good. She is so smart that she'll make you feel stupid. she has a nice body and very nice curves. usually a brunette with a big heart. she hates it when you put a H at the end of her name and thats what makes her so cute. she has many different personalities and she is screwing type and wifey type. she is the type of girl who will make you a great sandwich, give you a good fuck and be the best mother. she is classy but is also a very dirty naughty girl who likes to deep throat. a type of girl you can bring him to mom but fuck on the car ride over. hanna has the ability to break your heart. hanna is a girl who will make you smile just by having her name come up on your phone. hanna is a girl to hold on to. she is special. she is perfection.
idiot person:who need's hanna..psh
smart person:your only saying that because shes out of your league.
by Dex0000 August 01, 2011
a nice, fun, funny, freakishly awesome, person, who loves to be around cats. She may like to "drop it like a tot" or perhaps even "get low." She enjoys canoodling with someone, preferably a guy..... She looks hot in a bikini, and even hotter wearing nothing. She makes jokes all the time, and most of them are inapropiate.... That sums of hanna.

ps. dont mention potato balls, that could send her over the edge.
when i was alone and bored last night, i called up my friend Hanna and we had a jolly good time.
by da big booty April 11, 2011

Hanna is the most beautiful person you'll ever gonna meet. She usually have brown hair and brown eyes. She is not like everybody else, and she despies girls who only care about the size of boobs and make-up. Of all her friends she is known for being very dirty minded and she is always a great laugh. At first she can seem very shy but when se get to know you she'll be all over you with her dirty jokes and interesting conversations.
If you are a Hanna you're also known for being good in bed. She can give you the best blow job and she know how to ride a guys dick.
She hates when you spell her name with an h at the end, thats only making her even cuter than she already is.
Boys fall in love with her like flies of her charm and sexiness.
In a Hannas life there is one boy that she would give her heart up for.

To sum up Hanna is the sexiest, hottest, funniest, smartest, coolest person you'll ever meet. You are lucky if you know her.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about the party Hanna is having?
Person2: Yeah, it's gonna be a awesome party when she's there!

Person 1:Harry is so lucky to have a so sexy girlfriend like Hanna!
Person 2: Yeah, I wish I was him!
by hannulf December 26, 2011
One of the coolest people you will ever meet. Usually very energetic and can seem ADHD, but is just very eclectic. Can be scatter-brained at time, yet it makes every conversation interesting. She is a very pretty girl, a lot of people tell her that, but it doesn't go to her head. She is usually a very flirty girl and this makes people call her a slut, but she is not.... usually. Most people see her as an odd person, and she accepts that.
Person 1: "Dude, did you see that weird chick?"

Person 2: "The one that went from talking about soccer to talking about cartoons in less than 10 seconds?"

Person 1: "Yeah, that was such a Hanna."

Person 2: "I know! it freaked me out!"
by olympusforever August 24, 2011
the hottest girl, beautiful face, dark piercing eyes, brown hair, fantastic legs, always able to turn you on, sweetest chick you'll ever meet.
"She's a total hanna braski"
by bassethound34 August 20, 2011
Hanna is an amazing name. Hanna's are stubborn, persistent and wont give up thier dreams. If you are a Hanna then there is that one boy in your life who you love but know you will never get. Hanna's are funny, pretty, quite popular and get along with other people well.
The bad points are that you may end up having braces and you get jealos easily. You also get really annoyed when people spell your name with a h at the end but it's cute so dont worry :)
person 1: Oh wow, see how pretty that girl is? She must be Hanna.
person 2: she looks amazing. do you want to go talk to her?
person 1: Let's go!
person 2: we're gonna be so popular for this!
by redberry66 October 15, 2011

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