To 'cook your own goose' or to bring something upon yourself.
Aw, Kelsey, you pulled a Hanna. Way to cook your own goose! All these years of abuse and he finally escaped.

Wow, Jim really pulled a Hanna when he barebacked the Asian hooker on a trip to Tokyo. He got AIDS!
by LibraryCardOverdue June 02, 2010
A retarded mixed race of a Egyptian, Japanese, African, Canadien. Very retarded and may cause trouble using it along with David.
You are such a Hanna (a retarded mixed race etc).
by James Hanna October 10, 2005
A rare specie of an outrageous girl with an extraordinary complex. Wife material, but rare and lucky to have.
I have Hanna ask my wife. I feel so blessed.
by QueenLatifa444 May 16, 2011
Hanna Refers at a girl that is usually very beautiful but unaware. She is sporty and loves to be around friends. For the most part she is really sweet but if you piss here off.. beware.
i called this chick a fag today and she throat punched me... she must be a Hanna
by 7PinkDaniGirl7 July 25, 2011
The most wonderful girl I've ever met. Every day is better than the one before it because she is in my life. She's funny, smart, really fun to talk to and absolutely beautiful. She's everything a guy could possibly want.
Boy #1- dude your so lucky to be dating hanna.
boy #2- I know she's the best!
by Bkill77 June 04, 2011
A VERY pretty girl, with an outgoing personality. but can be shy at some times. A girl that has been threw alot. and hates when people spells her name Hannah. Get very insecure about herself alot. but wants to be loved. treat her right!
Hannas' .
by iloveCKsomuchh January 14, 2012
The best girl you will ever meet.
Wow, I wish I was like a Hanna.
by taylorswiftconcertmeansparks33 August 04, 2011

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