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A game played by men and women in a group where the woman places a clean pressed handkerchief (hanky) around a mans testicles / scrotum (sack) and massages the testies with the handkerchief so the man gets an erection.

Once a full erection is reached, another person in the group starts a stopwatch / timer as the woman continues to massage the testies in order to make the man ejaculate. As soon as the man ejaculates the timer is stopped. The woman or the man cannot touch the penis during this time as it will result in disqualification.

If the man ejaculates in less that 1 minute he gets 5 points, less than 2 minutes he gets 4 points, less than 3 minutes he gets 3 points...etc.., after 5 minutes, if the man has not ejaculated he is disqualified. However if the man has a very large ejaculation he can gain a bonus point.

Other handkerchiefs can be placed on around the mans groin and stomach as an additional turn on and to catch the ejaculate.

The woman can also strip naked and play with her nipples / vagina to encourage the mans ejaculation.
Derek managed to score 6 points in last night’s game of Hanky Sack. It took him only 23.7 seconds to ejaculate and required 3 handkerchiefs to clean up afterwards!
by Hanky Sacker April 06, 2010
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