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Noun: An angler fish drawn by a Hank. Any Hank can draw a Hanklerfish.

Verb, Hanklerfished: Describing someone named Hank having drawn an Anglerfish. Usually used as past-tence.

Verb, Hanklerfishing: The act of drawing a Hanklerfish.
"So a Hanklerfish is an anglerfish drawn by a Hank?"
"Uh huh. There are other Hanks that can make Hanklerfish."
"So if, Like, Hank Williams III were to draw me an anglerfish, that would be a Hanklerfish?'
"It would also be a Hanklerfish."
-Hank and John Green, Youtube
by NavalPiercedNerd August 15, 2011
An anglerfish drawn by a hank.
5% of the pre-orered the fault in our stars will have a Hanklerfish on them
by Mr Sofa Mam August 15, 2011
An Anglerfish drawn by a Hank.

Verb form: Hanklerfish'd
You'll have a 5% chance of getting a Hanklerfish'd Fault In Our Stars.
by JoMan112 August 15, 2011