1. An honorable man, whom The Economist magazine referred to as "one of the wisest...creatures on television" (April 10th, 2008).
2. A man who knows what he stands for, I'll tell ya' what.
3. An American who is comfortable in his own skin, in his own work ("I sell Propane and Propane Acessories"), and in his own State (Texas...except for Austin, of course), but not in his own dang country.
Believe me, you can trust (name); I've known him a long time and he's a regular Hank Hill.
by VeteranShield May 30, 2011
Husband of Peggy Platter Hill and father of Bobby Hill. Also one of the most right-leaning (read republicans] on television. Someone who you would probably not to be your father.
Hank: That boy ain't right, I'll tell you what.
by Netmaster5k November 28, 2004
A married, middle-aged man with a propane fetish.
Star in the Cartoon King of the Hill
Hank hill occasionally has dreams about propane.
Hank: "Propane and Propane Accessories."
Hank: "Damnit bobby..."
by Gam0r January 08, 2012
n A man who is uptight and/or old-fashioned who will give alecture or a beating to an uneducated being, fool, idiot or jackass.
A Hank Hill just kicked a man's ass for using his cellphone while driving.
by Judge Jude December 17, 2010

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