A fart that is so bad, your eyebrows burn and you get dizzy. Origins from a 7th grader whos farts make infants cry.
Dude: oh my god, waht the hell is that?
Hank: I just Hanked
Dude: geez, Hank Hanked
by HankHank February 05, 2008
Fuck you you
you piece of shit
your a fagit
by fuck hank November 19, 2003
a black person, which we usually don't like too much. Not to be confused with a nice upstanding black member of society. =)
"That bitch wouldn't let me in to see Superbad because I didn't have my ID. What a hank!"
by Kelsey and Mike August 20, 2007
fucking fuck fuck
lot at that fagit named hank that loves cock in his ass FUCK YOU cock
by fuck hank November 19, 2003
Someone who sells propane and propane accessories
Hey, hank!
by Sam Leisenring April 12, 2015
A boner pointing to the right.
That girl's ass is totally givin' me a hank right now.
by Saint Nicholas Cage January 24, 2015

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