(verb) To pull out of a previously made engagement. To not pay on a bet (see also welch).
Greg never shows up for gay thursdays at Club Sweet Cheeks, he always hanks.

See you at the club tonight greg, DON'T HANK this time.
by Valiumsummer June 02, 2005
A ciggerette, or a tobacco product
Let's go outside and smoke a hank
by Brian December 10, 2003
Jobless Jimmy's definition that equally means god.
"I can't believe all those morons down there are killing each other over me, and they don't even know my Hankdamn name. My name is Hank, Hankdamnit!"
by Murdock December 07, 2003
A random dude, usually a jock or meathead.
I went to the Dave Matthews Band show last night and there were Hanks in fuckin' Abercrombie everywhere. I vomited in terror.
(v) to bite, ferociously, as if to draw blood
Dude 1: Dude, I totally hanked her when we were hooking up.
Dude 2: How bad is it?
Dude 1: She's still bleeding.
Dude 2: Dang, dude, you really did hank her bad.
by Triple M Threat November 03, 2005
a hot guy who will never know i exist because me and my friend used to scare him a lot a while back and he is a scorpio so he'll never forget..
ah, why does destiny have to be so cruel sometimes?
by stray April 12, 2004
a guy called hank is usually american,probably drives a pick up truck and more than likely has been abducted by aliens! chances are that your friend hank is interbred,a true american icon.
hank "i was driving along in my pick up truck when there was a big light in the sky,when suddenly the spaceship came down and the aliens took me away!"
by harray shipmonay March 08, 2008
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