(verb) To pull out of a previously made engagement. To not pay on a bet (see also welch).
Greg never shows up for gay thursdays at Club Sweet Cheeks, he always hanks.

See you at the club tonight greg, DON'T HANK this time.
by Valiumsummer June 02, 2005
The act of strangling one's self to near asphyxiation whilst masturbating.
Dave: Joe, did you have a good night last night?
Joe Dev: No it was shit. I had a hank but my belt snapped and I banged my face on the cupboard door.
by redsubdave December 11, 2010
The first son in the family with an emporer complex. A Hank has a sense of entitlement, and an attitude that suggests that he is superior to everyone else in the world. He likes to throw his weight around and is a bully to those who are defenseless and weak. A real dirtbag
He thinks he is really something, he is such a Hank
by Marilyn53 February 06, 2010
A hangover wank. The continued form of male self abuse after awaking from an evening of alcoholic indulgence
"Wow, I just had the best hank in years and my head ache is completely gone"
by sparksneon January 06, 2007
A guy that sleeps on the couch so often that he considers it his own room.
Did he stay here last night? Yeah, he even told the new roommate that he needed to clean the kitchen. He's such a HANK.
by SPOLLETT March 27, 2010

Ho + Skank = Hank

A man was cussing out my wife when and he got tongue tied when he couldn't decide between ho or skank. Out came hank!
You are such a hank!
by MiklCJ January 01, 2010
Comes from the typical "Thanks" reaction after someone does something nice for you. Expect in their attempt at helping you they hurt or hinder your efforts.
I was cleaning out the filing cabinet and my wife hanked me by throwing away the wrong pile of papers.
by meron51 April 12, 2007
Short form of Hankin which was a medieval pet form of the name Heimerich which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler".
Hank is one of the best country singers in my opinion.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006

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