(verb) To pull out of a previously made engagement. To not pay on a bet (see also welch).
Greg never shows up for gay thursdays at Club Sweet Cheeks, he always hanks.

See you at the club tonight greg, DON'T HANK this time.
by Valiumsummer June 02, 2005
hand socks. aka gloves
man my hands are cold! Gimme some hanks before i get frostbite on my wee little fingers!
by EllARs &&lAuReRsSsSs September 23, 2006

Ho + Skank = Hank

A man was cussing out my wife when he got tongue tied and couldn't decide between ho or skank. Out came hank!
Get out of my face you hank!
by MiklCJ January 01, 2010
If you are hank then you feel well beyond hungry. Have you ever felt like being hungry just doesn’t sound extreme enough, like there should be another state that separates fakers from those in serious need of emergency nutrition? If you were hungry an hour ago you better get a sandwich because you are now ... HANK.
subway employee "no cutting in line, sir"
you "no you dont understand its urgent"
subway employee "get to the back! we have hungry people here"
you "You dont understand, i'm HANK"
subway employee "go right ahead sir"
by ahizit March 14, 2006
The Best damm country musician in history
When I get home I,m gonnan get drunk and play some hank.
by p July 07, 2003
Insted of thank-you you say hanks!
Hanks for the advice!
by Kokey July 18, 2005
Schwagg Marijuana
Dude, who's got the hank?
by Hank Chorkolatapuss December 10, 2002
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