state of being so hungry that it makes you angry.
I was rude to my boyfriend because I was so hangry.
by LAbs February 18, 2013
A cross between hungry and angry resulting in outbursts of rage and/or mood swings.
Vikktoria: I want to thunder punch them in the throat.

Bianca: why is that?
Vikktoeia: I think I'm getting hangry. Let's grab a bite.
by PineappleJuice March 30, 2015
Hungry and angry at the same time
I was so hangry that I snatched a croissant of my my sister's hand.
by OKEH July 21, 2014
An acute sensation of rage that feeds on the fumes of your digested leftovers, and then your soul
"Markita was so Hangry she cursed out her own mother"
by missy hippie June 15, 2014
The grumpy attitude you get when you have missed a meal or eaten food on schedule.
Steve: I'm getting hangry, let's grab some food, I haven't eaten in hours.
by grubrubber June 06, 2014
A display of negative emotions common to men, women, children and animals resulting from lack of food and/or sleep. The subject and observers are usually unaware of the existing underlying reason.

The feeling of mental fatigue, accompanied by anger or upset due to a lack of energy, which can be resolved by eating food and/or resting.

The feeling of wanting to smash the sh*t out of everything and everyone in close proximity on sight, resulting from lack of food. Not to be confused with PMS.
He was not actually a bad man, he was simply hangry when he committed brutal, savage, unprovoked, vicious, violent murder.
by Latenight Rebeldreamer January 25, 2014
1. See also hypoglycemia.
Brazil: What's wrong with you? Why did you stab that baby in the eye?

Ellen: Shit, I have hypoglycemia. I hadn't eaten for two hours and I had the hangry. My bad.

Brazil: Wanna get burritos?

Ellen: Hell yes!
by Mason Vixon July 02, 2013
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