Hunger induced feelings of anger or dread. Also known as "hanxiety."
Mark was cranky because he was hangry. Jenn brought him a sandwich and he felt better.
#hangry #hanxiety #haaangry #hungry #angry
by bluefinch604 July 25, 2010
Anger (or rage) stemming from an extreme state of hunger. Sufferer's exhibit facial contortion, uncontrollable aggression and are rude and abrupt.
Vanessa Feltz showed signs of hanger having spent a whole 10 minutes on a fondant fancy-free regime. She was exceedingly hangry.
#hunger #hungry #angry #rage #cake
by Daniel Spears September 08, 2006
When your so hungry you get angry
It took the delivery driver so long to get here I became hangry
by Conshohocken March 15, 2016
Hungry to the point of anger.
We better eat soon because I'm getting hangry.
by Smart Blondie January 26, 2016
a word used when somebody is mad because they are hungry. symptoms are:
anger when spoken to
extreme meltdowns
face slappings
my god.......that girl is SO hangry.......
by awesomeisanoverusedname October 09, 2015
Hangry is the breaking point where the need for food, or hunger, changes one's personality of a happy and joyous disposition to an angry and hostile disposition
I forgot to eat breakfast this morning, and now I'm just so hangry that I just want to punch something.
#hungry #starving #angry #fasting #hostile #desperate #deprived #desperate.
by Compassionatesource June 04, 2015
A display of negative emotions common to men, women, children and animals resulting from lack of food and/or sleep. The subject and observers are usually unaware of the existing underlying reason.

The feeling of mental fatigue, accompanied by anger or upset due to a lack of energy, which can be resolved by eating food and/or resting.

The feeling of wanting to smash the sh*t out of everything and everyone in close proximity on sight, resulting from lack of food. Not to be confused with PMS.
He was not actually a bad man, he was simply hangry when he committed brutal, savage, unprovoked, vicious, violent murder.
#hangrily #exhausted #narky #arsey #hungry #irritable #fatigued #knackered
by Latenight Rebeldreamer January 25, 2014
state of being so hungry that it makes you angry.
I was rude to my boyfriend because I was so hangry.
#hungry #angry #haangry #haungry #starving
by LAbs February 18, 2013
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