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When a male's testes and surrounding sac are so relaxed that they actually dip into the water whilst droppin' a deuce.
Terence: O man, I got in from the lake the other day, and the water was really warm. I went to go make some gravy and next thing I knew my ballsac was chillin' in the feces-infested toilet water!

Ryan: Dude, you were definitely hangin' toilet water low.

Randolph: I was having a splendid potty-bang session the other day with my biotch and all of a sudden I jumped up and sent her into the fuckin' tub. Turns out I had clogged the toilet and the water was creeping up on my babymakers. At first I thought I was hangin' toilet water low, but realized my Anaconda Deuce was the really the problem.
by RenoisRyan July 21, 2008
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