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One of the sluttiest, most whorish girls in the entire world. A member of the Hanford High Cheerleading Team. Hanford High Cheerleaders enjoy sex with any living being or inanimate object in the entire universe. In general terms, a cheerleader is a slut. However, a Hanford High Cheerleader takes slut to a new extreme. By the time a Hanford High Cheerleader has become a senior, she has participated in the dirtiest, raunchiest activities conceivable, including but not limited to: making lesbian porn videos with each other in the locker room showers, gangbangs, prostitution, and many other dirty sexual acts found on Urban Dictionary.
Example 1:
Morty: Hey look at that girl, she's a Hanford High School Cheerleader!

Biff: Gross! She looks like she just got done whoring herself out again!
Morty: What else is new?

Example 2:
Jabril: Those girls at the club were total skanks, definitely sluts who would do absolutely anything for a quarter!
Rhoney: Exactly! Just like Hanford High School Cheerleaders!
Jabril: Man that's harsh.
by Jabroneybrah August 15, 2011