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An attractive male, bearing similarities to sharks. Examples of known, handsome sharks are Michael Fassbender (His smile is extremely wide, showing off all his teeth, very much like a shark) and the character Simon form the E4 series Misfits.
A handsome shark is sexy, maybe pale and a little bit bad.
Girl 1:"Did you see that guy, he was so hot."
Girl 2: "Yeah, he was a total shark"

Quote from Misfits 2x03
Kelly: What have I told you about dicking around with Simon?
Nathan: Who’s dicking around?
Kelly: You put your tongue in his mouth!
Nathan: Ah, Jesus. Alright, alright. So I got a bit fresh with him. I was staring into those big beautiful eyes; he’s like a… he’s like a handsome shark! I couldn’t help myself. I love him.
by KrisaDraglos October 09, 2011
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