To shove ones head up anothers butt. Takes great strength and skill. Refer to the superhero movie "hancock" for more info.
Dude I was attacked last night, so I gave him the Hancock!
by Robotics June 15, 2011
Describes a person with specialist skills, these often include such as:
-impressions, these can vary from accents to animal noises
-Being able to create extremely loud sounds such as clapping (a result from having extremely large hands, sometimes paired with large feet)

A 'Hancock' may be partial to a bevy of two but don’t expect to know if they make it to three as they do tend to wander, possibly with a member of the opposite (or it has been reported, same) sex
*out on the 'town'

Where has Jeremiah gone? I can’t appear to see them anywhere...!?! Have they left?

Mate... they've pulled a Hancock ;)
by *Jewhavebeenhad* May 16, 2011
man of great size and power

nickname: footbum
hancock: to have ones hand on cock
by t.w September 07, 2006
a term referring to someones hand being on their (or sometimes others) penis's in public
Grace: Emma omg, your brother has his hand down his pants!!

Emma: Ugh! again? i know we call him the {hancock}
by dermadil March 12, 2011
Nothing like the Will Smith movie Hancock

Instead a word for a very irritating horny young man who thinks with his penis.

Likes to assume that all girls are chasing after him, when they are running away from him.

Likes to think he is rather important, you hate to say he isn't.
Ugh I really dislike that boy, all he thinks about is himself.

I know, what a hancock.

Haha get this, that boy just said 'it's okay, i know how you feel and i don't mind a quickie'

Oh dear, hancock!
by Hancock Witness December 15, 2009
A person who thinks they are god and can do anything
*Throws ball at hoop from other side of field*
"Man,you ain't Hancock."

"Dude,I jumped off a 4 story house and survived.I must be Hancock"
by ;~; monster February 27, 2010
(n.) A mixed drink consisting of one part Ketel One Vodka and one part Tropicana Strawberry Orange.
"I don't know what happened, we had a Hancock or two, yadda yadda yadda, now my pants are 30 feet up in a tree."
by Matt Hancock April 02, 2008

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