strength, energy, power; effacious power, power to influence; physical power or strength
In response to a threat of violence or verbal threat you respond, "Don't even think about it or I will 'Hancock' you".
by Irish Shakes July 13, 2008
Top Definition
The act of screwing an aquantance over for financial gain. Hancocking usually happens when the offender is shady in terms of finances.
Dude, Sean tried to hancock me for $5 to watch cable at his house,
by P-House March 05, 2008
1. (n.) Surname of John Hancock, merchant, salesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution.

2. (n.) Slang for one's signature.

3. (v.) To sign one's name outrageously flamboyantly.
1. Did you know that John Hancock was unanimously voted as President of the Continental Congress on May 24, 1775?

2. Could you please sign your hancock for your package?

3. Please allow me to hancock all over your paper.
by Powa June 05, 2009
Any black man wearing a tight wetsuit.
(Based on Will Smith and his superhero costume in the movie Hancock)
Dude, check out Hancock. His surfing is awesome.
by RebeL_fARmeR June 23, 2009
Being forced to wait an inordinate amout of time when on a strict schedule concerning consumption of any kind.
Dave: "Dude, are you coming to lunch or what!!??"

Dillon: "Can you wait for like, 10 or 12 more minutes? I got Hancocked again with this crap..."


"This Hancocking is getting out of hand! Every time we invite you to get a beer after work you show up as we're leaving. WTF man?"
by James Buffe' May 16, 2013
Describes a person with specialist skills, these often include such as:

-impressions, these can vary from accents to animal noises

-Being able to create extremely loud sounds such as clapping (a result from having extremely large hands, sometimes paired with large feet)

A 'Hancock' may be partial to a bevy or two but don’t expect to know if they make it to three as they do tend to wander, possibly with a member of the opposite (or it has been reported, same) sex
*out on the 'town'

Where has Binky gone? I can’t appear to see them anywhere...!?! Have they left?

Mate i saw them leave a while ago, not alone...

Oh right...they've pulled a Hancock ;)
by *Jewhavebeenhad* May 20, 2011
To shove ones head up anothers butt. Takes great strength and skill. Refer to the superhero movie "hancock" for more info.
Dude I was attacked last night, so I gave him the Hancock!
by Robotics June 15, 2011
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