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A home wrecker. Usually short, unattractive and takes anything he or she can get. Loud, rude, and uses phrases that are not relative to anything. Like "legit". They normally think they are very attractive and wanted by everybody. They must always be right and have what they want. They normally use 'bitch' tactics to apologize or befriend. On a regular day in it's natural habitat a hana dugger can be found either A:Having sex B:Giving a blow job C: Smoking marijuana D:Having sex, and smoking marijuana, E:Giving a blow job, and smoking marijuana, F:Fingering itself, G:All of the above. An average hana dugger is similar to the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. Minus the hotness, and the fact that everyone wants to be with it. In fact an average hana dugger is much more similar to the Greek monstrosity Medusa. Except without the awesome snake hair and the ability to turn you to stone with it's fierce gaze. A hana dugger more likely has the ability to cause many of the following, A: Erectile dysfunction, B:Herpes, C: PTSD, (post traumatic stress disorder), D:Nightmares, E: Herpes and erectile dysfunction, and E: thoughts of chopping off your genitalia.
James: "dude i got with a girl last night......."

Austin: "And?"

James: "I want to take my balls off with a butter knife"

Austin: "Did you do what i think you did?"
James: "maybe"

Austin: "was it a hana dugger?"

James: "The similarities were uncanny"

Austin: "you are no longer my friend"

genitalia PTSD erectile dysfunction bitch
by Belgian waffle September 25, 2010
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