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a cantankerous obese female's vaginal cavity and surrounding porous folds. Hamwads are indigenous to buffets and Applebee's parking lots. Hamwad Dentata is an outdated Christian myth used to scare minors away from masturbating, but has since been proved to be biologically impossible.
just icicle appears melting on your floor in your room. upon closer inspection there are little brown curly hairs all over it. A faint smell wafts your way. You look up and what do you see but a 300 lb middle aged woman hamwad agape running towards you screaming get away from my eskimo dildo!! She thrusts forward at the last moment and leaping into the air, her hamwad lands right on you left hand. You can feel your hand slipping into vast sweaty pinkness like an octopus suction cup on a tentacle. its warm and you can feel blood rushing to it. shes got you pinned down. HAMWAD
by foreskinjumprope February 17, 2012
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