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A strain of stupidity that is virilously contagious. Has a crayon-based diet, but also eats play-dough and paste. Choice of hosts are typically semi-retarded fat chicks with ample breasts. Never found in the vaginal orifices.
by CM April 14, 2004
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Chubby chaser. Plumper lover. Anti kitty licker. Jedi master of karma whoring. All knowing karma master. One that has sexual intercourse in two minutes or less
by hs February 11, 2005
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One who has Hamsters.

more than one hammster.

The One With Hammster haver
Look Mummy at the Hamster Rangler.

Mummy:""Indeed...he Is a Hamster Haver."
by CFZB March 29, 2005
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1.Master and Commander of the Jedi Council; Bisexual and proud of it; gay and lesbian tolerance teacher to young padawans.
2. One who Purchases karma.
1. Hammy® leads the underground order of the EF JEDI; molests his young Padawan ironically enough named Spongebob.
2. 100,000k to 140,000k over night.
by johnnny March 29, 2005
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