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1)The end result of a catastrophic fit of laughter, surprise, or rage; 2) a figurative idiomatic euphemism insinuating a radical and prodigious defecation in one's polyester, or otherwise fashion-deficient, undergarments; 3)The shitting of oneself in response to hilarity or indignation of hyperbolic proportions; 4) an often inappropriate response to overly offensive and morbid humor an individual finds morally reprehensible yet uncontrollably humorous causing inadvertent loss of bowel control in the form, shape, or smell of a Honey Baked Ham; 5) an irregular deucing in response to overwhelming emotion; 6) the reaction one would have after finding an unwanted demon, fire-baby or she-beast under one’s bed; 7) tossing a fat one out the back gate; 8) Painful yet humorous ass-delivery; 9) the result of being told by a Lowe's Customer Service Agent to take you and your son across the parkinglot to get a jump with the brand new Cobalt jumper-cables you just bought at said Lowe's.
Dude, don't jump out of the closet with a machete. You gave me hammy pants.

That bastard at Lowe's Really gave me the hammy Pants when he told me to walk across the street for a jump.

The ghost of a puppy fetus really made me ham my pants. <--example of morally reprehensible humor.

Taking my husband around town after his sugery like a scene out of "Weekend at Bernie's" seriously gave me a case of hammy pants.
by silverback487 November 22, 2011