Pulling a Hammond, whereby someone of a much older age has a "physical" relationship with someone of a much younger age. Generally a teacher to student association.
Mike: That guy is like 40 years old
Patrick: Yea, he pulled a Hammond with that girl T Mac in our grade.
John: I know right
by TigerballZpants December 12, 2008
Top Definition
As used in the act of Pulling a Hammond.

To hit on an attractive waitress/bartender/stripper and ask for her number. Only to be rejected.

Most commonly referenced when the act is frequently repeated.
Joe pulled a Hammond last night with that hot waitress.
by wingsfan2010 January 31, 2010
One of the best characters and Generals in the show "Stargate; SG-1". Played by Don S. Davis (R.I.P).
Dude 1: God I love Gen. Hammond
Dude 2: He has some good one liners, but I prefer Teal'c
by jfaksnfkawejgiwJTIWE January 28, 2011
Or pulling a hammond whereby rather than spending money on branded clothing u spend half as much on double the amount of cheap shitty primark clothing.
Look that guys pulling a hammond.
by jonny corsane September 10, 2007

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