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When you get past being drunk drunk, you´re hammered Drunk. Hammered drunk is drunk X drunk when vision is extremly blurry and you wake up saying "damn, i dont remember shiiiiiiit"
"I´m in the front row, and i´m Hammered drunk right..."
by Rabanova December 26, 2009
(all one word, always capitalized) Being so fucking drunk you can barely throw a game of darts, be left unattended, walk to the pisser by yourself, form complete sentences, and have no control over the "beaner" jokes that come out of your facehole while in a bar full of mexicans.
Every time I go to the bar, I get HAMMEREDDRUNK!

"Man, did you see evil kimberly last night?"
"Totally! She was HAMMEREDDRUNK again!"
"Yeah, good times!"
by evil_kimberly May 18, 2010
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