In Texas Hold'em, a nickname for a hand consisting of a 7 and a 2 of different suits.
I was on a stone-cold bluff, but when the flop came 722 I knew it was time to drop The Hammer on them.
by CaptFreeman April 14, 2005
In which you are having sexual relations and you cum on the person
Im gonna HAMMER YOU!!!!!1
by Shakezulia March 04, 2008
verb for performing a painful, well executed tackle in rugby, sending the victim's face into the dirt, usually knocking the victim to next week and may result in a yellow card to the tackler (especially if the ref is a pom like Wayne Barnes).
Dam he just got hammered by that humungous bullabulla prop.
Yeah and I bet that dude on the ground is having a fat cry about it too.
by kortee February 02, 2008
A man who frequently sides with women.
Shawn- "No Thyane, I think Mary gets shot gun, Your "no blitz" was canceled out by...."
Thayne- "Dude! your such a HAMMER!
by Shawn & Thayne November 28, 2007
a big mistake. A catostrophe of epic proportions that will cause the responsible party to get in serious trouble. From the shortened phrase "you would have been better off to throw a hammer into it!"
Ex 1 Dude, you really hammered last need to stay at my place while the dust settles?

Ex 2 "What happened to Joe?"
"He got fired because he hammered the big order."
by stasis___ January 23, 2007
Hottie with a body. Probably a big football doucher. One of the best looking people you will ever meet. Always has 2 ladies around him because he smells fantastic.
Look at Hammer over there with 8 ladies talking to him.
by Doojie2 March 03, 2010
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