A term that referred to a person who listened to Heavy Metal music, wore long hair, perhaps a leather or denim jacket with metallica or iron maiden patches, etc..

Was used in high school among teens and young adults in the 80's to early to mid 90's when metal music was fairly popular in some circles.
He hangs out with the hammers.

She listens to metal and dates hammers.
by dude64589 March 08, 2009
A supporter of London football (soccer) club West Ham United. The Hammers: the team or the club.
“Up yer Hammers” – cry of support.
by Bill (Pom) April 05, 2007
1. The greatest person of all time
2. One of the biggest Pimps the world has ever seen (quite possibly the world's greatest lover)
3. Is quite possibly god
Hammer is the shit... I wish I could be like him
by mike_is_god November 09, 2006
Attack aggressively, usually with repeated blows with the fists.
I'll hammer his brains out if he comes here again.
by John Whiskey July 23, 2005
Captain Morgan and Orange Juice

its like a screwdriver but with rum instead of vodka so its a hammer
i'm just chillin with a hammer in my hand and a pretty lady on my lap
by sir charles robinson June 20, 2005
To move at speed, quickly proceed.
"I was hammering down the motorway at about 160 mph and this geezer onna rice boi bike hammers past me!"
by flatley June 06, 2005
Something really good.
Also, the act of consuming alchohol fast
This cronic is the hammer.
TJ Hammered that Bicardi
by Ringmaster February 24, 2004

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