if ur nickname is Hammer its mean that ur a beast. U take no pain but u deliver it. U never take shit from any one. U never back down or quit. Be proud to be a Hammer.
You the Hammer right?
by Sahammer January 11, 2007
a blowjob
wow that girl is such a hammerr.. that why all the boys got rounds form her
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
Hammer is a weapon used to say that they are gona clap somebody. It can be any type of gun, most likely a pistol hand gun. Hammer is the tool used in many professions which provide a living for some people, hammer is also used as a gun which also provide a living for other people.
50 Cent- "Hands up"
"I got my hammer right here with me"
by B-blocka November 06, 2006
a gun, heater, piece, gat, .44
"Niggas knows the deal we clap hammers and shit"

-Mobb Deep Burn Something
by deLf August 02, 2003
A tool for hammering and nailing. It can bang on everything that is flat , verticle or horizontal, as long as it is hammerable.
Jack hammered Jill on a wall. Jack is a bad boy.
Uncle Joe nailed his maid on the stool with his hammer.
by WaterBuffalo779 August 04, 2016
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