The Marxist symbol representing the factory workers, the sickle representing the farmers. Together they represent the uninted Proletariat.

This has now become corrupted by greedy tyrants such as Stalin and mao, to be a symbol of corrupt, totalitarian "Communist" dictatorships.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
The final and best trick in a skateboarders video part.
"Keep watching, wait until you see his hammer"
by Jakez May 08, 2005
Another term for 'bad weed'
"Damn, yo shit is hammered ass weed"
by heather February 10, 2005
an album. a cd. a vinyl record.
throw on the new hammer by yaphet kotto man! keep the tune-ski's a rollin'
by Mike November 06, 2004
quite possibly one of the greatest rappers of all time.
Hammer please dont hurt em'
by Mazoo November 04, 2004
as a verb: to have seriously banged a partner hard. other definitions: to have fuck in the anus.

as a noun: a tool
Sally was hammered in the behind.

we used a hammer to build the foundation of the house
by Hammer Town June 26, 2006
a hammer is a move you give to a friend after he has insulted you. you hit him in the inner arm hard with your fist closed and it hurts like hell
doug was talking trash about joe's mama and joe gave doug the hammer
by joe brown pimp king May 02, 2005
Wheels off an Integra GSR that the spokes are straight.
Yo those hammers are looking good on your civic coupe man.
by Andrew December 24, 2004

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